Natural Birch Plywood

Natural Birch Plywood

Birch plywood   comes in three varieties: birch core, mdf (medium density fiberboard), or a combination of veneer and mdf crossbands. Birch is commonly used for painting and staining for doors, cabinets and furniture.

Birch plywood is made from laminations of birch veneer.  Birch ply is used to make longboards (skateboards), giving it a strong yet flexy ride. Birch plywood has many good properties–light but strong.

Birch plywood is pale and fine-grained, often with a satin-like sheen. Ripple figuring can occur, increasing the value for veneer and furniture-making.


Birch Plywood


3mm 4’x 8′ R/C
5.2mm 4’x 8′ R/C G1S
5.2mm 4’x 8′ R/C G2S
18mm 4’x 8′ R/C L/C
3/4″ 4’x 8′ R/C A/B
3/4″ 4’x 8′ R/C B/C
3/4″ 4’x 8′ R/C C/C

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