Natural Birch Plywood

Natural Birch Plywood is natural birch face veneer and back veneer plywood .Like white birch and red birch plywood .

Birch plywood is available in both White Birch and Red Birch. The available cuts are flat cut, rotary-spliced, and rotary whole piece face. There are a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to help meet your needs.

Birch plywood is one of the most versatile of woods with many uses in building and furniture making. Birch plywood is known for being a thin but strong building material that can tackle a variety of projects. It is light in color, and has a smooth surface that is typically void of splinters or rough or jagged edges. It is commonly used for constructing furniture, cabinets, and other appliances, especially in high-traffic areas.

White Birch Plywood

The grain of white birch plywood shows a lot of variety. It ranges from very plain, inconspicuous growth to very elegant curly birch.  Well-seasoned White Birch is usally quite strong, and won’t warp, split, twist, or swell. Its very hard surface helps the wood withstand typical abuse from high traffic areas without noticeable effects. See a sample of our White Birch Plywood.

Red Birch Plywood

Red Birch plywood is ideal for staining. It is light and strong and very close to White Birch plywood. Natural birch can be a combination of colors.

Red Birch plywood, with reddish heartwood, is most commonly used for cabinets and furniture. It can look very similar to Cherry plywood, and is good to use with dark stains or enameled finishes. When Red Birch plywood is well-seasoned, like White Birch plywood, it will not warp or split, and it’s also able to handle a lot of contact, bruises, and scratches with little evident effects.

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