Necessity, Risk and Solution of Subcontracting Plywood Purchasing Order

Necessity, Risk and Solution of Subcontracting Plywood Purchasing Order

With the increasingly fierce competition in the plywood market, the quality management requirements for plywood purchase orders become more refined. We summarize the issues that need attention in purchasing and quality management. Let’s look at them together.

Necessity of subcontracting plywood purchase orders

(1) Plywood market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, profit margin is becoming smaller and smaller, division of labor is becoming more specialized, and improving competitiveness will focus on improving professional technology. Social development always develops towards a more efficient mode of production, and the trend of specialization reflects this requirement. The fierce competition and the changeable market require enterprises to concentrate more on the core competitiveness, and the degree of market specialization will be higher and higher.

(2) Customer-centered plywood market needs promote the development of specialized management and specialized subcontracting enterprises. The value of products is composed of basic value and added value. In the fierce competition environment, the basic value has been close. The improvement of product value is more reflected in added value. Specialized production is one of the ways to increase added value, which inevitably leads enterprises to take the road of specialization.

There are risks

(1) The main qualification of subcontractor of plywood purchase order is illegal. The main qualifications of subcontractors of plywood purchase orders are generally illegal as follows: 1) those who have not obtained the qualifications of plywood production enterprises or exceeded the qualifications (including organizations or individuals without business licenses); 2) those who have no qualifications borrow the name of qualified plywood production and processing enterprises.

(2) In the actual production process of plywood orders, most of the general contracting enterprises only divide the purchase orders artificially into several small plywood production enterprises, and then subcontract them to some cooperative plywood production enterprises by the general contracting enterprises in the form of contracts.

Common problems and Solutions


Question: The quality of plywood purchasing orders produced by subcontractors is not good.

Countermeasure: specify material brand, material quality and performance parameters in detail in the contract, strictly control material on production site, the general contractor must thoroughly understand relevant material knowledge and market information, improve business ability, block the vacancy of subcontractor factory, improve their own business level, dynamically check, study quality defects, and analyze the reasons. Make improvement plan, implement and supervise subcontractor improvement.


Question: The quality of on-site managers and technicians of subcontractors is not high.

Countermeasure: Pay attention to inspecting subcontractor’s production and processing technical ability and personnel quality at the bidding stage of plywood purchase order contract; before construction, adopt the method of sample lead of plywood manufactured by Mr. Hu to conduct actual investigation to prevent inferior quality factories from entering; The general contractor urges subcontractor to take measures to increase training investment and intervene directly when necessary. Special management. Supporting sub-contractors with the technical capability of the general contractor to form a mutually beneficial, harmonious and win-win business management situation.


Question: The subcontractor of plywood purchase order has delayed the construction period.

Countermeasure: The general contractor strengthens on-site progress inspection and monitoring, formulates incentives, rewards and penalties, and communicates with relevant parties in a timely manner.


Question: Subcontractors only pay attention to their own construction management, ignoring the overall quality of plywood.

Countermeasure: In the contract, the subcontractor of plywood purchasing order is required to assume the duty of coordination and cooperation. On-site management adopts incentive measures such as rewards and penalties, strengthens the subcontractor’s initiative to cooperate with the management of the general contractor, weakens the subcontractor’s introverted behavior, and establishes the systematic concept of the overall quality of the order.


Question: The general contractor evades its obligations.

Countermeasure: The subcontractor of plywood purchase order should establish the concept of interest community with the general contractor, fulfill the contract conscientiously and undertake their respective obligations; meanwhile, establish the record of the same period and improve the written vouchers.

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