New foreign trade fraud big exposure, be careful!

New foreign trade fraud big exposure, be careful!

Risk avoidance is the first priority in foreign trade. Safety is more important than anything else. Once China wins the bid, it will face the situation of returning to the liberator once in a while. Before doing foreign trade, if these deceptions have been known in advance, then they can be avoided before they occur. Here are some common deceptions to show you and prevent them in advance.

Help transfer money, no solution to fraud

This is the most serious. There are so many now that they are basically at a loss. The fraud belonged to a well-coordinated gang. A cheater came to inquire and place an order as a purchaser. This process is normal, but the payment will be more money, usually many times higher than the value of the shipment. And from third-party accounts. Many foreign trade enterprises feel at ease as long as the payment arrives. Where is the risk?

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After making excess payments, the cheater starts to find excuses. For example, the foreign trade reference (public number: foreign trade reference), for example, will say that one of his suppliers in China does not have a US dollar account and needs to be transferred through you. Let you transfer the extra money to another account. Often foreign trade enterprises feel that they are helping customers with a small favor, and they readily agree. When your goods are taken away, the extra money returned is also paid. By this time,

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In this case, your troubles will arise, and even your account will be frozen. In order to avoid this dilemma, we can only let the cheaters at their disposal and return the whole amount of money.

Once this kind of fraud hits, it is almost incomprehensible. Knowing that the other party is a cheater, in order to avoid the trouble of being investigated by the police, it can only refund according to the amount of money paid as it is.

A pie in the sky, a windfall scheme

The mailbox sent me a huge sum of money frozen / seized by the government / to be levied a huge tax, hoping to borrow bank accounts to defrost / evade taxes and so on, promising to pay a large fee as a reward.

You can even attach the account of the bank where the money is currently located for your verification. After defrauding trust, they begin to ask for fees or other charges for various reasons. This is just like the domestic “heavy gold begging son”, if cheated by such a scam, we must not make a noise, because… __________. I can’t afford to lose this face.

Insurance fraud

Foreigners will take the initiative to offer insurance, so that foreign trade companies to lower their vigilance.

British company A, French company B, Chinese supplier C, foreign company X purchasing from self-proclaimed company A

X will find domestic supplier C through exhibition, network and other channels, hoping to purchase its products. X has a special requirement for the settlement method. Generally, D/P at sight, OA and other payment methods are beneficial to the buyer. In order to reduce the worries and doubts of export enterprise C, X would suggest that enterprises should insure export credit insurance (currently domestic personal insurance, CITIC, Dadi, Pacific, Ping An and so on) pending the completion of insurance coverage. X would communicate with export enterprise C to send goods directly to B. Generally speaking, B’s company name is very similar to A’s, and even generally A’s. Full name + XX branch, the name can be completely confused, so that export enterprises think AB is a related enterprise.

Exporter C finally concluded such a trade with Purchase X: C-A of both parties signing the contract, that is, from the point of view of contract law, the debtor of this trade is A. Logistics direction, the goods will be sent directly by C to B.

When the payable date expires, C contacts X to collect the goods. Generally, X will be pushed off or simply disappeared for various reasons.

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False bill

The cheater pays the deposit by cheque or forward draft, then urges the exporting company to deliver the goods quickly. Because the bill needs collection, when the bank fails to collect it or finds that the bill is forged, it is often too late. No matter what the situation is, no matter what the customer says, how angry he is, the payment is final.

The amount of the return order was abnormal and the order volume suddenly increased. If the previous normal transactions are small transactions, and then foreign trade companies suddenly increase the order volume, foreign trade reference (public number: foreign trade reference) believes that especially the new companies exist such a situation, then it should cause concern, should confirm the foreign trade company’s ability to pay, and then be careful to cooperate with them.

In foreign trade, we should pay attention to the fact that for the first cooperation, large-scale purchasing and the return of orders, we don’t care about the price of the products. When there are all kinds of abnormal pies in the sky, we should pay attention to the fact that the real customers must cut every cent. For fraudulent companies, they often don’t care about the price, because they have no intention to pay for the goods at all.

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