New Year Beginning, Personal Growth Plan 2019

New Year Beginning, Personal Growth Plan 2019

Several things to do in 2019:

I. Life and Responsibility

1.1 I hope I have enough ability to shoulder the responsibility of a family. Be a filial son, a responsible husband, a caring husband, a kind and strict father. Get rid of some immature things on my body and know how to control my emotions!

2.2 Travel once, see the local conditions and customs of some places, increase a little knowledge, relax some mood.

3.3 Eat out once a month with my  parents ,wife and children and watch a movie.

2. Growth: Thinking, Perception and Practice

2.1 Spend 10-20 minutes a day to think about things, reflecting on the bad things I do to improve, and summing up the good things I do to encourage myself.

2.2 Learn and practice time management and working methods, manage your energy well, form flow of mind, improve work efficiency and overcome procrastination.

2.3 Change the negative and pessimistic mentality, gradually let myself take the initiative, adhere to the initiative to do things, greet others, communicate more, exercise their communication skills.

2.4 Participate regularly in relevant sharing meetings within and outside some management companies and actively participate in communication.

2.5 Look at some books on motivation, mentality and communication skills to broaden my knowledge and improve my personal accomplishment.

2.6 Every month, every week, give myself an implementation plan every day, let me have a goal, after each stage of work can have a summary, let me have some reflection and summary.

3. Reserve and share professional knowledge and accumulate personal influence

3.1 Learn to read several basic professional books in a planned way to consolidate my professional foundation and lay a solid foundation for the MANUFACTURING production and quality inspection of plywood and furniture.

3.2 Learn a  new website programming language and write it as a blog for learning notes.

3.3 Read and use several excellent quality inspection and procurement projects, preliminary plan.

3.4 Summarize a set of production quality control and purchasing plan, and write learning notes and make BLOG.

3.5 Insist on writing 2-3 learning notes and summary blogs per week

4. Exercise and Keep the Bodyl of Revolution

4.1. Get up early and go to bed early. Keep reading and studying after 5:30 every day. Rest and sleep before 22:00.

4.2. Control my diet, eat fewer meals, eat more porridge, eat more vegetables, and keep my  stomach healthy.

4.3. Insist on daily indoor and outdoor exercise

5. List of professional books:

6. Personal Culture Humanities Books:

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