New Zealand Radiated Pine Plate H20 I-Beam Construction Wood I-Beam

New Zealand Radiated Pine Plate H20 I-Beam Construction Wood I-Beam

Product Name

Multilayer board

Tree species

Pinus radiata from New Zealand

Place of Origin




Water content


Apparent density

600 kgs/m3

Flexural strength

550 MPA

Special functions

Easy to fix


80*40*2450mm, 80*40*2650mm, 80*40*2900mm, 80*40*3300mm, 80*40*3600mm, 80*40*3900mm, 80*40*4500mm, 80*40*4900mm, 80*40*5900mm

Product characteristics of H 20 I-beam for construction:

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A I-beam H20 flange: high quality pine; strong stability

B I-beam H20 web: multi-layer plate; durable; strong bearing capacity

Protective film at both ends of H 20 I-beam for C building: moisture-proof and ultraviolet-proof; reduce wear and tear; improve service life.

I-beam H20 technical parameters:

Unit weight: 4.6 kg/m

Flange width: 80 mm

Flange thickness: 40 mm

Web thickness: 27/30 mm

Elastic modulus E:10,200 N/mm2

Permissible deformation: l/500 (l = support width, m)

Active load: 1.5 K N or 20% of concrete load calculation

Specification of H 20 I-beam for construction:

Main Material: Poplar/pine LVL (web)+flange pine LVL

H 20 flange thickness of I-beam: 40 mm H 20 web thickness of I-beam 27/30 mm

Price of H 20 I-beam for construction: 35 yuan/m

Use glue: WBP

Scope of application of H 20 I-beam: It can be used in civil engineering construction, bridge, dam, tunnel, subway, nuclear power plant, civil engineering, etc.

I-beam H20 standard length: 2.45, 2.65, 2.90, 3.30, 3.60, 3.90, 4.50, 4.90, 5.90 meters.

I-beam H20 can also produce wood beams with different length or thickness webs (less than 6 meters) according to different needs.

H20 I-beam is an important part of the international common building formwork system. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong bearing capacity, reducing the number of supports, enlarging space and construction space, convenient assembly and disassembly, flexible use, easy assembly and disassembly in the field, water resistance on the surface, labor-saving and material-saving. It can be used for many years. Comprehensive cost amortization costs are much cheaper.

I-beam H20 for construction is made of solid wood sawn timber as flange, multi-layer board as web, and weatherproof adhesives to form I-beam section with surface.

A lightweight structural member coated with anticorrosive and waterproof paint.

2. In the formwork engineering of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structure, H 20 I-beam for construction can form a level when it is used in conjunction with multi-layer slab and vertical support.

Supporting formwork system; Vertical formwork system can be formed by matching with multi-layer plate, diagonal brace and tension bolt.

3. The most prominent characteristics of H 20 I-beam for construction are large stiffness, light weight and strong bearing capacity, which can greatly reduce the number of supports and expand the spacing.

And construction space; easy to disassemble, flexible to use, easy to assemble and disintegrate in the field; low cost, durable, high reuse rate.

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