New Zealand Radiation Pine LVL Scaffolding Board

New Zealand Radiation Pine LVL Scaffolding Board

LVL scaffolding board

Material: Pinus radiata from New Zealand

Glue: MELAMINE, WBP Phenolic Glue, E0, E1

Product size: up to 8 meters, arbitrary width and thickness, size according to customer requirements for sawing, to ensure the utilization rate of 100%. Now the general size used in the market is 38/42*225*3900/4000/5500/5900/6000 mm.

Product characteristics: On the basis of oil-based waterproofing of pine wood itself, waterproofing glue is used to make the product, which greatly improves the waterproofing performance of the product.

The products made with WBP phenolic glue have better characteristics of boiling water for 72 hours without glue. It has good toughness and high strength. The strength of the product is phase.

Three times the size of solid wood products, more suitable for load-bearing use. The surface is covered with pine veneer, which makes the product have the beautiful appearance of solid wood at the same time.

Uses: Scaffold pedals, stair pedals, stair handrails, and other wooden stair components, beams, roof beams, wooden houses, engineering construction, decoration, etc.

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