Nine Quality Problems Easily Occurring in Eco-board

Nine Quality Problems Easily Occurring in Eco-board

Melamine Plywood Inspection,Melamine bLockboard Checklist

In E1, E0, the industry is currently under development. Of course, it’s not that manufacturers don’t take consumers’feelings into account. It’s really hard to do this. But the Eco-board of E1 is much more meaningful than the thin E0, because the traditional technology also uses glue to paste decorative boards and paint.

Detection method: After closing the cabinet well, open it for a period of time to see if there is any odor and pungent eyes.


See flatness, detection method: in the light of a slightly dim place 45 degrees angle to see the long side, whether there are bumps, see whether the surface of the three splicing seams and sanding marks are obvious. This is not a hard standard, but it reflects the technological capability of a manufacturer.


See if there are wet flowers on the surface. Home decoration is called carbonization. If there are bright spots on the surface of the board, it will be black over a long period of time or the surface will appear as paint fades. These are wet and dry flowers. All these reflect the degree of mastery of the factory process, and also reflect the quality of sheet material is one of the important issues.


Paper discoloration, relatively speaking, ink paper is not easy to discolor stereoscopic sense is stronger, color pulp paper is much worse (for example, the difference between paint and paint).

Detection method: After stacking two boards and staggering them in the sun for several hours, see if there is any color difference on the board below.


Sheet cracking and bubbling are caused by bonding strength and base material. There is no reason for quality problems.


Seeing whether the paper is completely solidified is equivalent to not cooking the rice completely. It can be seen that the surface is not resistant to pollution. It is not very pleasant to touch with your hands. It feels like hair cotton. The surface of the board looks like a layer of fog. The best thing is to feel like metal.

Test method: Apply shoe polish, lipstick or brush on the board for a few minutes to see if it can be erased completely.


See if decorative paper sticks firmly to wood and is dipped and peeled off (this has something to do with woodworking. When sawing, there will be jumping edges, which will increase the difficulty of processing and affect the beauty).

Detection method: Use strong glue to stick on small pieces of every square centimeter and pull hard to see if the paper is pulled off or if the top paper can be buckled off with the hand on the cross section.


The thickness of the whole plate is poor.

Detection method: Measure the thickness of multiple points on a board with a caliper. The error of 20 wires is normal, but the requirement of home decoration can be relaxed.


Deformation of sheet metal and the degree of deformation of sheet metal also reflect the technological ability of the manufacturer. The static bending strength of sheet metal is not enough. Generally speaking, the top two slightly deformed sheets of each package are normal before they are finished. After making wardrobe or finished product (excluding large area flat door), if there is deformation, it is a quality problem.

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