Non-clip rotary cutting machine and clip rotary cutting machine


Rotary cutting machine is used to cut wood segments into veneers of certain thickness for plywood manufacturing. It is divided into two types: rotary cutting machine with and without clamps;


There is a clip in the rotary cutting machine for short, that is to say, the diameter of the clip is about 100 mm, which will lead to the inefficient use of wood cores within 100 mm. At present, the wood resources are becoming increasingly tense, these cores are considerable. Thus, a kind of rotary cutting machine without clip in the remaining Wood Cores has been developed, i.e. the non-clip rotary cutting machine (no clip), no clip owner. To be used for rotary cutting small diameter wood or residual cores with cards, the advantages are high utilization rate of wood and many disadvantages compared with cards, such as poor accuracy, high failure rate and so on.


Prices vary greatly according to different manufacturers, grades and gaps.

Wood Veneer product line process flow : 


Forklift wood—Automatic feeding—Debarker—Transimission feeding—Veneer peeling—Clipped board—Automatic stacker—Transport

Non-clip rotary cutting machine and clip rotary cutting machine


clip rotary cutting refers to the way in which the rotary cutting machine fixes wood by using two clamps to hold the cross sections of both ends of the wood so that the wood can rotate.


Non-clip rotary cutting means that the rotary cutting machine has no jam, and the way it makes wood rotate is to extrude the wood by three rolls at the same time, so as to meet the requirements of the work.


With clip , you can spin large diameter wood with a diameter of 1.3 meters, but the minimum size of the cores should be more than 10 centimeters.


Only small-diameter timber can be selected without clip , but the timber must be rotated within 30 centimeters of the circle and the core can be rotated to about 3 centimeters.


That’s the difference.

*  Veneer Machine :

2600 mm Plywood Veneer Peeling Rotary Cutting Slicer Machine


Parameters of 4 feet /8 feet Veneer Machine :

Product name   Veneer Machine
Length of peeler log 970-1270-1400mm 1970-2540-2600mm 970-1270mm  1970-2540-2700mm
Diameter of peeler log Max.400mm — core :30mm  Max. 500mm–

core :30mm 

Max. 700mm —

core :46mm

Max. 700mm — core: 46mm 
Rotary cutting thickness range 0.3mm-4.0m  0.2mm—4.0mm 1.0 mm—10.0mm 1.0 mm—10.0mm
Linear speed of host machine 45m/min 36m/min 25m/min 25m/min
The main auxiliary motor power host :7.5kw +5.5kw  Feedconversion:5.5kw


 Host:11-7.5+11+7.5kw  Feed:11+7.5+11+7.5kw Double roller :11kw+11kw

Single roller:7.5kw +7.5kw

Feed motor : 11kw

Double roller :


Single roller :7.5kw+7.5kw

Feed motor : 11kw

Redecer type selection Host R helical gear reducer/Host of the cycloid pin wheel reducer Host R helical gear reducer Host R helical gear reducer Host R helical gear reducer
Main function Add log automatically find round tare function
Imported screw thread rod and tin bronze nut
England A without cylinder
England B with cylinder
England C with cylinder and the pressure plate
Selection of Japanese guide cylineder to the wood core
Imports of wire rod and tin bronze nut
import bank of taiwan on the linear guide roil
Selection of Japanese guide cylineder to the wood core    Imports of wire rod and tin bronze nut
Import bank of taiwan on the linear guide roil
Selection of Japanese guide cylineder to the wood core    Imports of wire rod and tin bronze nut
Import bank of taiwan on the linear guide roil


Main features of Veneer Machine:

1. High range of the thickness adjustment, the thickness adjustment with digital, convenient,

simple and practical, veneer uniform thickness.

2 .The figures show the work of the entire machine, to provide users with convenient

debugging data.

3. Workers can automatically adjust the blade, veneer peeling machine greatly improved


4.Used with screw propulsion, with a small gap, no prone to abnormal fan.

5.Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation and high efficiency and other


6. it is equipped with advanced servo control system , which is the most advanced system

for veneer peeling machine, it is high precision, veneer thckness accuracy within  ±0.05

mm, veneer finish is beautiful .

7. Its veneer thickness range from 0.3-4.0mm, which can satisfy your needs to peel thick

veneer .

 8. Its peeling speed is 45m/min , which is the most efficient among all the spindleless veneer

有卡轴旋切机是利用卡轴上的卡盘夹持木段进行旋切,卡盘直径一般在60~80 mm和80 mm以上。通过卡轴产生的轴向力夹紧木段,再经卡盘传递扭矩带动木段旋转进行旋切。木段直径较小(一般在300 mm以下)时,在卡轴轴向力的作用下会发生弯曲变形,因此有卡轴旋切机要配备防弯装置。通过卡盘在木段两端传递扭矩,木段直径小到一定值时无法传递扭矩而劈裂,有卡轴旋切机则无法进行旋切。

The rotary cutting machine with chuck shaft is to use chuck on chuck shaft to clamp wood segments for rotary cutting. The chuck diameter is generally over 60-80 mm and 80 mm. The wood segment is clamped by the axial force generated by the chuck shaft, and then the torque is transmitted through the chuck to drive the wood segment to rotate for rotary cutting. When the diameter of wood segment is small (usually less than 300 mm), bending deformation will occur under the action of the axial force of the clamp shaft. Therefore, the clamp spinning machine should be equipped with bending prevention device. Through the chuck to transfer the torque at both ends of the wood segment, when the diameter of the wood segment is small to a certain value, it can not transfer the torque and split, while the rotary cutting machine with chuck can not do the rotary cutting.

无卡轴旋切机顾名思义就是没有卡轴的旋切机。无卡轴旋切机是在整个木段长度上,用两个或3个驱动辊驱动木段外圆进行旋切,剩余木芯直径可以减小到30 mm左右。无卡轴旋切机又称木芯旋切机,用来旋切直径在300 mm以下的木芯或木段。

As the name implies, a lathe without a clamp shaft is a lathe without a clamp shaft. The non-sticking spindle rotary cutting machine is to use two or three driving rollers to drive the outer circle of the section to cut the whole length of the section. The diameter of the remaining core can be reduced to about 30 mm. The non-sticking spindle rotary cutting machine, also known as the wood core rotary cutting machine, is used to spin the wood core or wood segment with a diameter of less than 300 mm.

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