Odd Layer Principle of Wood-based Panels

Odd Layer Principle of Wood-based Panels

In order to abide by the symmetry principle and the texture arrangement principle, the odd layer principle is generally observed in the billet formation. Sometimes even-layer wood-based panels can be produced in order to meet user requirements and reduce production costs. For example, the user requires the board to be thicker, but the mechanical properties are not high. In order to reduce the production cost, four plywood layers can be produced instead of five plywood layers, because less one layer can reduce the amount of one layer of adhesives, while the middle two-layer veneer fibers are arranged in the same direction, which in fact becomes a three-layer plywood structure. In order to meet the thickness requirement of particleboard and the proportion requirement of surface-core particleboard thickness, four paving heads can be used to pave the three-layer particleboard, and two paving heads in the middle can pave the core-layer particleboard, which is called the four-layer particleboard which is actually still three-layer structure.

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