Odor release analysis of MDF on melamine impregnated paper

Odor release analysis of MDF on melamine impregnated paper

Abstract: in order to explore the effect of veneering treatment on the odor release concentration and intensity of MDF, the difference of the odor concentration and intensity of TVOC and components between the veneered MDF and its plain board were compared and analyzed. 1 m3 climate box method was used for gas sampling of MDF and MDF veneer of melamine impregnated paper. compared with MDF, the total odor concentration of MDF in melamine impregnated MDF veneer decreased by 21.06%; the odor characteristic compounds of aromatic hydrocarbon and aldehyde ketone increased by 16.88% and 3.08%, the mass concentration of ester, alkene hydrocarbon, alcohol and odorless compounds decreased by 7.74%, 4.34%, 0.20% and 7.68%, respectively; melamine impregnated MDF veneer There are more kinds of odor characteristic compounds released from fiberboard than MDF, but their odor intensity is relatively weak. Odor characteristic compounds can be divided into six types: bitterness, burnt paste, fragrance, roasted sweetness, fragrance and grass flavor. Dibutyl phthalate, decanal, 2-ethyl-1-hexanol and benzene are detected in the odor release of veneered and non veneered boards. To, and the mass concentration and odor intensity in the plain board are higher than those in the melamine impregnated paper veneered MDF; after veneering, although the odor type of MDF plain board increases, the odor intensity is slightly perceptible (odor level ≤ 2), which has little contribution to the overall odor intensity of the board. melamine impregnated paper can inhibit the release of odor characteristic compounds, reduce their mass concentration and odor intensity, and the mass concentration of the same odor characteristic compounds can affect their odor intensity to a certain extent.

Key words: melamine impregnated paper veneer medium fiberboard gas chromatography olfactory mass spectrometry TVOC odor characteristic compounds

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