Okoume (African hardwood) faces & core, 48″ x 96, 1.3 mm face veneers (before sanding.) Equal or nearly equal laminations. Water and boil proof (WBP) glue. Color is light brown to pink, grain patterns tend to be large curves throughout the sheet. Not as impact and rot resistant as Meranti or Sapele but about 10 to 15% lighter in weight, and easier to bend. Ideal for kayaks and small boats particularly when coated with epoxy and/or fiberglass. Looks good when clear finished.

BRUYNZEEL OKOUME PLYWOOD – Our Bruynzeel Okoume Gaboon (Aucoumea klaineana) plywood is rated as BS 1088 and is the best product to be used for boat building and extreme environments. Okoume Gaboon is an African species that is very similar to Mahogany that has a very consistent appearance with a tight grain and is very light. Of course it is also highly weather resistant.  When used as a plywood that is treated with WBP phenolic glue and laminated with a 100% Okoume Gaboon core, it is very durable, weighs little, and finishes like glass. This is the product to choose for decking and exterior surfaces that need to be veneered with an attractive wood, painted, fiberglassed, or epoxied. Our Bruynzeel plywood is of a very high quality and is sought after by the best boat builders in the world.  Our Bruynzeel Okoume is rated both as BS 1088 and is Lloyd’s Registered (the highest standard for marine grade products).  Sold by the 4′ x 8′ (32 sq.ft.) sheet.

Marine Plywood

Marine Grade Plywood is a premium quality product made from selected wood species based on density, impact resistance and bending strength. It is ideal for boat building and construction work that faces high levels of moisture.Normally the faces are a mixed Hardwood and made to BS1088 Standards.

Light Weight Gaboon (Okoume) Marine Plywood

Gaboon Marine Plywood is manufactured to BS 1088 Standard – the internationally recognized marine specification – using a WBP glue line. It is approximately 25% lighter than regular Marine Plywood.

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