Okoume Mahogany Marine Plywood

Okoume Mahogany Marine Plywood Okoume (aucoumea klaineana) also known as gaboon or combogala, is only found in Gabon, the Congo and Equatorial Guinea in Africa. Okoume has a high strength to weight ratio which is why it is the plywood of choice for racing boats and applications where weight is important. The main drawback of Okoume is that it has no rot resistance. Therefore it is very important that all edges and faces are thoroughly sealed with epoxy and varnish to keep water from penetrating into the plywood. Okoume grows rapidly and regenerates well in clearings which makes it a very renewable. Okoume is light pink in color with a variable interlocked grain. The panels are normally painted or finished bright.

The Okoume marine grade plywood is lightest in weight among all the marine plywood products. The Okoume marine plywood can be used for hull and deck components, structural bulkheads and latches. Easy to work with for tooling, these are also light and strong and ideal for weight savings for light weight craft.

Okoume’s clear, beautifully-figured grain has a golden, honey-colored hue beneath epoxy and varnish, while its low density yields ultra-lightweight hulls.

For the Marine Industry Bruynzeel Multipanel has proven its quality. The high constructive properties combined with the nicest decorative veneers make this plywood suitable for every part of your ship. These panels can be used for your interiors, the decking and even the hull of the ship. Many combinations with veneers and also with isolation materials for weight savings or sound reduction are possible.

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