Okoume Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Okoume Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

When inspect the okoume plywood ,the first is to know these okoume plywood are for which country and which markets ,does the buyer have specific requirements for these okoume plywood .

1.okoume face veneer grades description ,grading rules

2.okoume face veneer thickness prior to sanding

3.okoume original certificates ,the origin places

4.wood grain of the okoume face veneer

5.natural defects and manufacturing defects of the okoume face veneer

6.the substrate platform finished okoume plywood grading rules (the same like other regular plywood inspection )

7.Applications of the okoume plywood such as furniture ,marine grade ,boating ,packing ,lamination and other applications .

8.Okoume face veneer have plains slice cutting  ,called mahogany or fake sapele uses of fancy plywood  . But mostly are rotary cut whole piece of face veneer used for plywood lamination .


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