Okoume Plywood

Okoumé marine grade plywood panel

When it comes to durable carpentry, okoume plywood has been a favourite on our local markets for more than ten years. Okoumé originates mainly from Gabon, located in Central Africa, where forestry is strictly controlled by its government. Due to its fine texture and low relative weight, this panel is perfectly suitable for further processing and painting. This door size panel is ideally suited to our local climate.

the okoume have many grades such as BB/BB,BB/CC, MARINE GRADE ,furniture grade,OVL/BTR grade ,lamination grade ,packing grade ,frame grade ,furniture grades
2.7mm,3.6mm,4 mm – ,5.2mm,6 mm – 9.0mm,10 mm – 12 mm – 15 mm – 18 mm – 20 mm – 22 mm – 25 mm – 40 mm

2500 x 1220 mm

3100 x 1530 mm
2150 x 0950 mm

Like all types of okoumé plywood, this sheet material is ideally suited for sawing or screwing or nailing. The wood has a dense structure so with little trouble a fine, smooth paint result can be achieved. The plywood is suitable for inside and for sheltered outdoor.

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