On the Unified Standard for Quality Acceptance of Plywood and the Standard for Quality Classification of Plywood

Uniform quality standards

The quality of finished plywood products and raw materials is very important. Plywood suppliers, whether in Linyi, China or in factories in Xuzhou, ZUOgezhuang,Hebei ,Nanning, Guangxi and Shuyang, Jiangsu, follow a unified and strict quality classification and inspection standards for plywood.

High-quality plywood products in factories

Thanks to the higher production capacity of plywood factories, hundreds of thousands of plywood sheets are shipped from factories in a year, and quality control has become the most important part in the framework of customer procurement organization. In every step of plywood quality positioning, procurement and production, there are clear quality standards.

However, the delivery of plywood to customers does not mean the end of quality management. The quality of plywood is also monitored during the use of final customers. First, the quality inspector assesses the plywood products on site in the plywood factory, then the sales team visits the customers and listens to their feedback on the plywood.

For plywood products, including raw materials and finished plywood suppliers, customers can establish a rigorous quality control system. In addition, professional and forward-looking quality assurance system not only guarantees quality standards, but also continuously improves them.



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