Oriented strand board (OSB) Inspection and Grading

Oriented strand board (OSB) Inspection and Grading

In China ,a lot of OSB manufacturerers ,their quality levels are too much different ,raw materials used for the OSB manufacturing are also different ,when you buy and inspect ,should check carefully .

1.Recycled edges or sawdust or damaged Particle board ,MDF ,Lumber ,Logs or Plywood ,check the raw materials .

2.If the OSB density are uniform ,The weight of the OSB

3.Thickness and width and length ,and tolerance

4.Moisture content

5.Glue types

6.Long Span loading capacity

7.Surface defects and edges defects

8.Nails or other foreign materials inside the OSB

9.Fibre quality and veneer quality,Is the fibre neat, fresh, rotten and fragile, the size of the fibre, etc.

10. Formaldehyde Emission from OSB

11.wood speices ,such as poplar ,eucalyptus ,pine and other wood species

We can only check the OSB apperance and surface quality carefully and detailed ,but for inside quality ,need special test from Laboratory, such as static strength and bonding strength.

The OSB application environment of different levels in Europe is as follows:

OSB/1 is generally used in dry state, especially in decorative applications. (Low density but not deformed)

OSB/2 load-bearing structure is applied in dry condition. (The density of imported OSB/2 is generally lower than that of domestic OSB/2. Domestic OSB/2 has waterproof and moisture-proof properties after soaking experiments, and is widely used in decoration, assembly building, packaging and other industries.)

OSB/3 load-bearing structure is applied under humid conditions. (Used in wet environment such as formwork and house in construction site)

OSB/4 heavy load bearing structure is used in dry or wet conditions. (Density, glue consumption, weight, container floor and other special industries applicable)

OSB sheet has stable physical structure and excellent processing performance. It can be processed by saw, sand, drill, nail and file. It has many advantages, such as moisture-proof, no deformation, load-bearing and impact-resistant, free and diverse shapes, fashionable and beautiful. Over the years, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, furniture, construction, packaging and other industries have been widely used and developed rapidly. Furniture made by “OSB” has the advantages of health, environmental protection, water-proof and moisture-proof, strong nail-holding force, good smoothness, light weight, firm and durable. After years of market trials, it has been sought after by consumers, leading the green trend.

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