OSB board Manufacturing process and raw materials



The particleboard manufacturing process is as follows:

Log feeding – peeling drum – particle prepare – drying equipment – dry shavings measuring bin – belt weighing – MDI plastic storage tank – mixing machine – paraffin and curing agent storage tank – paving section – continuous flat pressing equipment – cross-section – Edge sawing – turning machine – finished product

(1) Material

OSB board: 
Small diameter wood, thinning wood, wood core as the main raw materials, generally eucalyptus, fir, poplar and other native wood.
Particle board:
small diameter wood, wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust.

(2) Particle shape

An obvious distinction that OSB board particle is special big, it is the long piece of geometrical form. They are all pure wood pieces, pine wood poplars, and several kinds of wood are also mixed; While particle board you can easily see surface layer thin and core layer thick inside.

(3) Structure

OSB board is different from ordinary particleboard, the internal structure of OSB is oriented structure. Unlike the internal structure of ordinary particleboard, the internal structure of OSB is regular. The upper and lower surface layers are arranged in the longitudinal direction of the fiberboard. And the core shavings are arranged horizontally to form a three-layer structural slab.

(4) Function

Because of the three-layer crisscross structure, OSB board is more uniform than the general particle board, has good toughness, strong nail holding power, and is not easy to expand due to moisture.

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