Outsoucing Substrate paltforms CORES for plywood

In order to increase production and reduce production costs, some factories have purchased semi-finished products.

Sufficient press capacity to layup face mateirals on cores made by other outside manufacturers . Other mills make the substrate paltform cores then layup film or face veneer .

The key is how to control the quality of foreign semi-finished products?

Some scenarios are as belows :

1.The mills purchased entire substrate platforms (cores used for lamination) from other mills and then added the film or front and back veneers to create the finished plywood .

2.The mills outsourced 15mm or 18mm core platforms from other mills and supplied these together with front and back veneers or film to produce 18mm platforms ,the final front and back layup of film or veneer to finish the plywood was done at the facility as well as the final grading ,container loading .

3.For the thicker plywood ,the mills used 2-layer poplar core plus additional core veneers to produce thick plywood .The entire layup of the platform were done at the facility ,as well as the front and back layup of the film or veneers and the final grading and packing .

4.THe mills supplied poplar veneer and other species core to outside mills to produce the platforms .Once the platforms were returned to the mills ,they completed the finished plywood by laying up the face veneers and did the final grading and packing .

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