Particle Board Flooring

Particle Board Flooring
We choose to stock a full range of Borg Manufacturing STRUCTAflor products including Yellow Tongue, Red Tongue, Yellow Tongue TERMIflor and R-Flor. STRUCTAFlor is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring for use in domestic and residential buildings.

Features & Benefits
STRUCTAflor® has unique colour-coded tongues to identify thickness;
Yellow tongue – 19mm for joist centres up to 450mm
Red tongue – 22mm for joist centres up to 600mm
Blue tongue – 25mm heavy duty for joist centres up to 600mm
STRUCTAflor® has unique colour-coded wax to identify floor type;
Yellow wax – General Purpose
Red wax – Termite Treated
Blue wax – R-Flor
Inbuilt moisture protection
Wax impregnated throughout
Edge wax coated
No need to seal uncut edges
Produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine

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