Particleboard Production and Processing Flow

Particleboard Production and Processing Flow

Particleboard production and processing is to go through a set of complex process flow, the total particleboard is divided into six steps, the following is a brief introduction of the basic processing flow of particleboard.

1. Material preparation section

The raw materials of the general particleboard production line are chipped and screened, and then sent to the wood chips silo for transitional storage. Wood chips are transported by conveyor to Particler for preparation, and the prepared particles are transported by conveyor to wet Particler silo for transitional storage.

2. Dry sorting and grinding section

The wet particles are sent to the rotary particles dryer by the conveyor for drying, and the dried particles are transferred to the core particles silo for transitional storage by the conveyor through the particles sorting (screening) qualified core particles. The oversized particles are grinded by a grinder and sent to the surface dry particles silo for transitional storage.

3. Sizing Section of Mixing Gum

Qualified surface-core dry particles are metered by conveyor and particles metering silo respectively and then sent to mixer. At the same time, the glue required by the process is transferred to mixer by the glue supply section. The particles and glue are fully mixed by the surface-core mixer to achieve the effect of uniform mixing and full sizing.

4. Paving Hot Press Forming Section

After sizing, the transdermal belt conveyor of particles is sent to the mechanical grading paver, and the uniform and flat slab is paved by the mechanical grading paver. Slab is transported to the hoisting cage of the loading machine through permanent magnet iron remover, preloader, longitudinal sawing machine, cross cutting saw, accelerating conveyor, weighing conveyor, storage conveyor and loading conveyor. Slab is sent to the multi-layer hot press by the hoisting cage of the loading machine for hot pressing forming, and the blank is hot pressed by the multi-layer hot press at the same time. The pallet of the loading car is pushed into the unloader.

5. Post-processing section

The wool board staying in the unloader is sent to the cooling board conveyor by the unloader conveyor, and the cooling board conveyor is sent to the cooling board conveyor for cooling. After staying (cooling) in the cooler, the wool board is transported from the cooler to the vertical and horizontal cutting edge truncator for cutting and partitioning. Finally, the wool board is transported to the elevator stacking by the dry plate conveyor.

6. Sanding Section

The chilled and stacked particleboard is sent to the sanding production line for sanding, sorting and storage.

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