Particleboard quality judgment and purchase guide

Particleboard quality judgment and purchase guide

1. From the aspect of appearance, it can be seen that the size and shape of sawdust particles in the center of the cross section are large, the length is generally 5-10 mm, the structure is too long, the deformation resistance is too short, and the so-called static bending strength is not up to standard.

2. The moisture-proof property of wood-based panel depends on its density and moisture-proof agent. No matter how good the moisture-proof property is when soaked in water, the moisture-proof property refers to the moisture-proof property, not the water-proof property. Therefore, in the later use, one should distinguish between the northern area, including North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, and the moisture content of the panel should generally be controlled between 8-10%; in the southern area, including coastal areas, it should be controlled between 9-14%, otherwise, the panel It is easy to absorb moisture and deform.

3. In terms of surface evenness and smoothness, generally, it needs to pass 200 × sandpaper polish before leaving the factory. Generally, it is fine, but in some cases, such as sticking fire-proof board, it is too fine to hang glue.

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