Performance characteristics and purchasing knowledge of scientific and technological woodface veneer

Performance characteristics and purchasing knowledge of scientific and technological woodface veneer

technological woodface veneer is also called engineered veneer ,or EV veneer ,or Reconstituted Veneers | .The process of reconstituting common wood fiber through computer design technology allows us to reproduce the natural appearance of nearly any species.reconstituted veneer products   nature’s most desired and rare species without impacting the sustainability of the great old growth forests. Reconstituted veneers use common wood fiber from well managed and plantation-grown forests and by doing so we draw on an excellent renewable fiber resource for the production of   Wood. These reconstituted veneers and edge tapes provide a practical alternative to achieving the look of expensive and rare woods, by providing the highest quality, color stabilized, defect free architectural veneers and edge tapes.   Wood veneers when applied to recycled wood cores with no added urea formaldehyde can qualify  .All   Wood species and patterns are available FSC certified and non-certified.

4*8-foot high-tech woodface veneer is one of the products with the largest market share. The high-tech woodface veneer overcomes all kinds of defects of traditional natural woodface veneer and satisfies the requirements of different decoration and people’s respective texture preferences. Re-restoring all kinds of rare and precious timber is the highlight of science and technology wood, so that many consumers can complete the desire to move all kinds of even extinct tree products home without having to bear expensive costs.

Choosing high-quality technology woodface veneer should pay attention to its grain and color. High-quality technology woodface veneer not only has clear lines and natural holes, but also has smooth skin and a good handle. In addition, there are few wood veneer materials using baking paint technology, because the purpose of wood veneer is to achieve the natural effect of wood, and baking paint because of the thick film, it is difficult to highlight the concave and convex feeling of the wood veneer itself and the grain of the wood itself. If you want to make paint, of course, it is better to use technology wood!

Reconstituted veneer is a type of man-made wood veneer. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to expensive rare and exotic wood species. Reconstituted wood veneer is created with consistency using real wood from natural, renewable sources. It mimics your favorite wood veneer species and is free from natural defects. This veneer is the perfect solution for the eco-friendly consumer.

A reconstituted veneer is a man-made product using a wood commonly called “Poplar and pine”. These veneers are systematically dyed to mimic the look of their real wood counterparts. The beauty of this type of veneer is its outstanding color and grain consistency from sheet to sheet. Reconstituted wood veneers are defect-free and identical from one sheet to another when purchased together, making them a great option for projects where consistency is critical.


When choosing 4*8 feet high-tech wood manufacturer’s high-tech wood in the wood market, we must pay attention to whether there are fake and inferior products, and buy more in the market of formal enterprises. Furniture manufacturers must be cautious when choosing high-tech woodface veneer. They should not choose unhealthy products according to temporary price preferences.

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