Phenolic paper for plywood lamination

Phenolic paper for plywood lamination

Grammage 120±5 gr/m2
Pressing time 50-100 sec
Pressing temperature 170-185 °C

Guaranteed shelf life of phenolic paper is 6 months in the package at 25 °C and 50% relative humidity. Overage phenolic paper can be used in the usual manner considering the reduction of the resin flow degree at pressing and after verification of critical quality attributes.

As the base paper  we use high quality paper from Finland and Sweden. For impregnationwe use both domestic and European manufacturers, as well as a number of special additives from fine chemicals.
Phenolic paper of this type is to be used in single-opening board press with short pressing cycle.
The phenolic paper is available in rolls 1260, 1270, 1560 mm and in sheets, sheets format is agreed with a customer.

PS 40/120 black (red, yellow, etc) TR 5459-001-69073969-2015 – Plywood Samara – black phenolic paper (red, yellow, etc.) for production of laminated plywood based on kraft-paper of 40g/m2 weight.

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