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Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) inspection

Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) inspection

Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) is one of the most important raw materials for film faced  plywood production. The quality and type of Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) determine the quality and type of film faced plywood .

The popular Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) used both at home and abroad is brown film and black film,also called group to Boiling Water Resistant. and NON BOILING WATER RESISTANT FILM . Waterproof Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) has high quality, but its price is also high. In order to reduce the cost, most of the exporters adopt the Phenolic Surface Paper (Film) made of ordinary glue, which not only reduces the waterproof effect, but also shortens the service life of the Phenolic Surface Paper (Film).

Some raw materials of the film is made of recycled kfrat paper ,this is not fair for the buyers .Use fresh raw kraft paper can have a good quality of film .Phenolic Surface Paper, Phenolic treated sheets made with Kraft paper ,Phenolic surface paper is an adhesive sheet made by impregnating craft paper with phenolic resin that is resistant to water and pollution. The sheets are dried and attached to plywood using hot pressure. Phenolic surface paper is used in concrete shuttering and construction industries.

  • The surface of phenolic surface paper is impregnated with phenolic resin, which is highly resistant to water and abrasion and very precise. It allows reducing concrete casting time and saving construction costs.
  • Phenolic surface paper can be used intensively more than ten times. As a water-resistant material, it does not rust away, while its adhesive layers do not develop cracks.

Manufacturing process

  • Insertion
  • Impregnation
  • Drying
  • Cooling
  • Cutting
  • Packaging

From the manufacturing process ,you can find the quality factors and how to inspect and where to inspect .

when make the inspection of the film ,should take care .


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