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Pine Non Structural CD Grade

Plywood is a multi purpose type of engineered wood which is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. Plywood has been manufactured for thousands of years and was originally produced due to a shortage of fine wood. A common reason for using plywood instead of timber is its stability, with its superior resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting and warping.

There are many different qualities of plywood available suitable for a huge range of applications. Veneer quality, glue type and timber species are the differentiating elements that will determine the plywood type suitable for a specific application.

Whilst structural plywood can be used in construction for bracing, concrete formwork, hoardings, exterior and external cladding, flooring, boat building, packaging, non-structural plywood is more commonly used for decorative applications with furniture, cabinetry, benchtops, doors, partitions and signs.

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