Pine plywood grading and standards

Grade A A high quality appearance grade veneer suitable for clear finishing Grade S An appearance grade veneer which permits natural characteristics such as knots as a decorative feature subject to agreement Grade B An appearance grade veneer suitable for high quality paint finishing
APPLICATIONS Textured exterior cladding / Interior wall lining / Interior ceiling lining / Furniture & joinery APPLICATIONS Decorative / Interior wall lining / Interior ceiling lining APPLICATIONS Furniture and joinery / Concrete formwork / Primary sheathing / Signs / Engineered components
Gunersen A Grade Plywood Gunnersen S Grade Plywood Gunnersen B Grade Plywood
Gunnersen C Grade Plywood Gunnersen D Grade Plywood Gunnersen PG Grade Plywood
Grade C A non-appearance grade veneer with solid surface Imperfections such as knot holes or splits are filled Grade D A non-appearance grade veneer with permitted open imperfections. Limited number of knot and knot holes up to 75mm wide are permitted Grade PG A non-appearance grade, pallet grade veneer that has open imperfections such as holes, knots, splits and rough grain
APPLICATIONS Concrete formwork / Gussets / Roof decking Flooring / Sub-sheathing / Bins, boxes, crates / Stressed skin panels / Hoardings components APPLICATIONS Structural components / Beams and portels / Roofs / Bracing / Utility buildings APPLICATIONS Temporary security covers / Pallets / Fillets and liners / General packaging / Crates
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