Pionite® High Pressure Laminates quality control and inspection grading


Ashwood Fine wood finish with a cathedral grain. Embossed wood grain finish.

Crystal Fine pebble grained finish, with a medium gloss/Subtle dimensional with high light reflectivity.

Embossed Slate Deeply embossed slate finish.

Gloss High gloss, smooth finish.

Granite Polished textured finish.

Hi-Brite Smoothly textured furniture finish.

Leather Provides the supple beauty of aged leather.

Linature Medium gloss linear wood grain, 12 ± 3 gloss units.

Line Z Deeply embossed, linear wood grain finish.

Linen Embossed, cloth-like finish.

Medium Gloss Medium gloss, smooth finish.

Soft Leather Finely grained leather finish.

StoneX Combined natural and polished surface.

Suede Low gloss, textured finish.

Super Matte Smooth, non-reflective finish.

Wood Essence Natural-appearing, linear wood grain finish

More Possibilities. Pionite® High Pressure Laminates come in a vast array of colors, wood grains, abstracts, finishes and custom prints making this an ideal surface for almost any horizontal or vertical application. Our extensive palette, quality manufacturing standards and innovative style makes it the first choice for many designers when specifying for a project. Having over a dozen specialty products and treatments, you’ll find the exact material to match your environment’s needs. With Pionite® HPL, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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