Platform plywood

Platform plywood is ideal for furniture construction, painting, and laminating. Made from various types of tropical hardwood,Poplar,hardwood, platform grain patterns and overall construction are opposite that of regular plywood panels. This means that the face veneers, and the other odd numbered laminates, have the  grain patterned perpendicular to the length of the board while even numbered veneer’s grain pattern run lengthwise.

Also have short grain patterns , 4’x8′ grain plywood and 8’x4′ grain plywood is different .Most of the platform are oversize such as 48.5”x96.5” and 49”x97” .

Plywood manufacturers and custom laminators now see the benefits of using platform grades plywood as a core material. Many factories have developed a true platform panel from China that is manufactured with the face and back veneer orientation running the width of the panel, so  customers can re-veneer the panel with wood veneer or high pressure laminate, keeping the long grain face veneer at a right angle to the core veneer. The panel is produced slightly oversized in a 98″x49″ format to allow the customer to trim the panel back to the standard 48″x 96″ format after lamination. The thickness of plywood is manufactured slightly under standard finished thickness to allow for the panel to be built up to finished thickness once a core and balancing back veneer is applied. Platforms have the same tight tolerances that are seen in standard  panels, but special tolerances can be arranged.

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