Plywood and MDF product quality certification

Plywood and MDF product quality certification

The purpose of quality certification of plywood and MDF products is to ensure the quality of plywood and MDF products, improve the reputation of plywood and MDF products, protect the interests of users and consumers, promote international trade and develop international quality certification cooperation. There are three main purposes for quality certification of plywood and MDF products.

1. Improve reputation and market competitiveness

After the commodity obtains the quality certification certificate and the certification mark and publishes through the registration, it can improve the reliability of plywood and MDF product quality in the fierce domestic and international market competition, which is conducive to occupy the front end of the market and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

2. Improving commodity quality and promoting economic development

If the quality level of commodities is improved, it can promote enterprises to carry out total quality management, and timely solve the quality problems found in the certification inspection. The problem of quality will strengthen the state’s effective supervision and management of commodity quality, and promote the continuous improvement of commodity quality level. For plywood and MDF products with quality certification, the cost of repeated inspection and evaluation can also be reduced.

3. Protecting the interests of consumers

Consumers can obtain reliable quality information from the certification registration notice or from the certification mark on the commodity and its package when purchasing goods. The detailed quality information not only satisfies the customers’ right to know, but also can purchase the satisfied goods through comparison and selection.

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