Plywood and MDF quality grading and inspection

Plywood and MDF quality grading and inspection.


Use various inspection methods, including sensory inspection, chemical inspection, instrument analysis, physical test, microbiological test, etc., to inspect the quality, specification and grade of the product to determine whether it conforms to the provisions of the contract (including transaction samples) and standards.

The quality inspection of plywood and density board covers a wide range, including appearance quality inspection and internal quality inspection

The appearance quality inspection of plywood and density board mainly includes the inspection of appearance, structure, pattern, color, smell, touch, defect, surface processing quality and surface defect;

The internal quality inspection of plywood and density board generally refers to the inspection of the type and content of effective ingredients, the limit of harmful substances, the chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, process quality and use effect of the commodity. The same commodity has different specifications according to different shapes, sizes, sizes, shapes, patterns, quantitation, density and packing types.

Plywood and density board quality inspection standard is the quality inspection basis, including standards, specifications, contracts, agreements, technical requirements and other documents.

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