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 plywood and MDF supplier audit 

A plywood and MDF supplier audit will identify any gaps in the supplier quality process, manufacturing process, engineering change process, and shipping process, allowing a manufacturer to close the loop on any deviations, nonconformances or delays.


Plywood supplier inspection and Auditing is very important. China has the largest number of plywood and other wood-based panels in the world. The selection of plywood is always a global and strategic issue. A large number of detailed statistical data of plywood production and processing plants were obtained during the inspection and Auditing of plywood based panel suppliers, which played an important role in formulating supplier selection and development policies and import procurement policies for foreign importers.

In recent years, there have been some significant changes in the development of plywood based panels in China, which are faced with the pressure of many plywood manufacturers and the challenges brought by the structural transformation of plywood products. Through the investigation of plywood suppliers, we should find out the quantity, structure and distribution of plywood in China, grasp the trend characteristics of wood-based panel plywood, and provide accurate statistical information support for improving the development strategy and policy system of plywood industry, formulating import procurement development plan, and promoting the high-quality development of plywood.

Under the condition of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it needs more efforts from professional wood-based panel inspectors and more understanding and support from all plywood suppliers. More than one inspector from each major plywood production area began to register one by one. All of them should comply with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention, open the door to welcome visitors, support and cooperate with the inspection and Auditing work, truthfully declare the inspection and Auditing contents, and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations. All inspection and Auditing institutions and inspectors should adhere to scientific investigation and legal inspection and Auditing, do a more scientific, more accurate and more rigorous work, and complete the investigation tasks with high quality.

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