Plywood Associations : Part 2 malaysia plywood Association

Plywood Associations : Part 2 malaysia plywood Association

The Malaysian Plywood Manufacturers’ Association was established on 5th August 1965. Unlike most other associations and societies, the MPMA was registered under the Companies Ordinances(1940-46) as a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Association is governed by the Companies Act(1965) and its status as a company is being maintained.

When the MPMA was initially formed, it included Members from Singapore as well. In fact the founder Members were four from Malaysia and three from Singapore.

It is of interest to note that though there were Singapore mills represented in the Association, it was known as a “Malaysian” association. Consequently, on 15th January 1966, the name was changed to “The Malaysian and Singapore Plywood Manufacturers’ Association”. But the name was changed again on 23rd September 1967, this time back to “The Malaysian Plywood Manufacturers’ Association” due to the separation of Singapore from the Federation of Malaysia.

With the approval of the Registrar of Companies, the name of the Association was changed on 5th April 1991 from “The Malaysian Plywood Manufacturers’ Association” to “The Malaysian Panel-Products Manufacturers’ Association” as our members felt that the change was appropriate as the plywood trade was closely inter-linked with those of other panel products. With the change, MPMA would be able to represent the interests of the panel industry as a whole.

The prime objective for which the MPMA was first formed was the promotion of the manufacture and use of plywood in the country as well as abroad. This basic aim has not altered over the years. There is still need for collective efforts towards encouraging the wider usage of plywood, veneer and related products amongst consumers in Malaysia and those in the various overseas markets.

The second important objective is to provide a common platform for the plywood and panel products manufacturers to get together to discuss common problems and to seek solutions of mutual interest. In other words, the objective is towards closer co-operation amongst the mills.

Malaysian Timber Council
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Malaysian Timber Council

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Malaysian Timber Council

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Malaysian Timber Council
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MTC was formed in January 1992 based on the initiative of the wood-based industry to spearhead the global marketing and promotion of the Malaysian timber products as well as nurture the development of the wood-based industry and augment the supply of raw materials for the wood-based processing industries.

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