Plywood Blog, Phoenix Nirvana Born of Fire

Plywood Blog Phoenix Nirvana Born of Fire

December 23rd,2018

Now, the classification of my blog  is accurate,The columns are clear, the categories are clear, the goals are clear and the Functionally  are good .

Welcome to visit and share with your friends ,Research and study together !

Today, I deleted about 3,000 pieces of professional articles I wrote in the past 3000 days and nights,  on Plywood quality inspection, quality control, production and processing, procurement and other experience such as logistics ,payments ,anti-frauds . I have no regrets, although I can not bear the pain, after all, I have accumulated more than ten years of blog, hoping to have better experience summary and more netizens to share and exchange in the future.

My blog is also like a child, from children to adults, how can I see the rainbow without experiencing storms, without giving, where there is a return. I believe that my future is full of sunshine and rain, Let my personal experience  to serve more friends.

如无特殊说明,文章均为本站原创,转载请注明出处。If there are no special instructions, the articles are original, if you want to use or reproduce, please indicate the original source,If you find that our article infringes on your rights and interests, please email us in time and we will delete it at the first time.

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