Plywood Cold Press

Plywood Cold press machine is also called pre-press machine, which is the auxiliary machine in plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing plywood. Cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine.Plywood Cold press machine is mainly used to press the gluing veneer, so make gluing veneer shaping, and then put into the hot press machine to press. It is important to improve the quality of plywood, and it is an imoortant step.Plywood Cold press machine in general consists with the frame, fixed beam, moving beam, the plate device, cylinder and hydraulic system, electric control system components.

Main Features of Plywood Cold Press: 

1.Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance
2.Fast and efficient pressing.
3.Emergency safety braking.
4.Trip limited device.
5.Automatic compression and unloading pressure function
6.Work-table height is convenient for human body

Technical Data of Plywood Cold Press

Modle LT-400T LT-500T
Total pressure 400 T 500 T
Board feeding direction Transverse Transverse
Layers 1 1
Layer spacing 1800mm 1800mm
Work plate size 2700*1370mm 2700*1370mm
Cylinder ø320mm*2pcs ø320mm*2pcs
Stroke 800mm 800mm
Compression resistance 25 Mpa 25 Mpa
Power 5.5KW 11KW
Overall dimension 3550mm*1370mm*4200mm 3550mm*1370mm*4200mm
Weight 10Tons 13Tons
Working methods Full automatic Full automatic
Composite frame Assembled Assembled
Upper and bottom beam 900mm 900mm
Thickness of the frame 30mm Q235 30mm Q235
Middle beam 400mm 400mm
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