Plywood Container Loading and Transportation


Plywood Container Loading and Transportation


Quality inspectors, or field controllers, must strictly carry out inspections before Loading plywood containers.


1. Check the quality of the container, whether it is damaged or not, whether there are foreign bodies in the container, keep it dry, clean it and load it again.


2. Check the lead seal number, container number and order number of the container.


3. Whether the container Loading date and the weather on that day are suitable for loading, to avoid rainwater or other unfavorable weather for loading, and to prevent the plywood from getting wet and mildewed.


4. The packing process should have clear packing and container loading photos or videos.

无论任何问题,胶合板供应商都要为整个装箱和运输负责,尽管很多的时候供应商和客户谈的是FOB 付款和运输条款,但是供应商也要为产品的整个质量负责,安全的保障产品顺利的无损的到达客户指定的目的地。

No matter what the problem is, plywood suppliers are responsible for the whole loading  and transportation. Although many times the suppliers and customers talk about FOB payment and transportation terms, suppliers are also responsible for the overall quality of the products and ensure the safe and smooth arrival of the products to the designated destination of customers.

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