There are many types of plywood core options to fit your project specifications. All of these core options fall naturally into product mix. Manufacturers have years of experience producing custom veneer faces with special matching and sequencing requirements. Using that knowledge,  provide superior quality architectural plywood panels. Are able to select raw veneer from our vast veneer flitch inventory or source flitch locally and internationally to specifically meet the needs of your project. Veneer faces are then produced and laminated to the core of your choice. All panels are manufactured in-house so  can provide quick turnaround.

Plywood Core and Architectural Panel Product Spec Sheet

MDF Board
Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a premier substrate for wood veneer. MDF’s workability, good dimensional stability, flatness, close tolerances, dent-resistance, and lack of grain-telegraphing have contributed to its wide acceptance. Good bond strength, screw-holding, and resistance to compression and warp make MDF an ideal substrate. All MDF is NAUF as an Industry Standard as of Sept. 2017
Veneer Core
Veneer Core Plywood, or VC, is a versatile product that can combine attractive surface appearance with superior performance while retaining comparatively high strength to weight ratios. It was developed to provide panels with dimensional stability and good strength both along and across the panel.
Particleboard Core
Particleboard core, or PBC, is a wood panel product that is used widely in the manufacture of furniture and cabinets. Its smoothness, surface integrity, uniform thickness, uniform properties, ease of layup, and ability to stay flat make it an ideal core material.
Fire-Rated Core
Fire retardant particleboard is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial building applications where stringent building codes and public safety requirements are a factor.
Formaldehyde-Free Core
FormWood Industries offers a Formaldehyde-free core, as well as a Formaldehyde-Free and Moisture Resistant core. Both are recommended for applications where the presence of formaldehyde is a concern.

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