Plywood Core veneer Lay-up Joint Types Finger joints

Plywood Core veneer Lay-up Joint Types Finger joints

Various types of laminated wood jointed end to end grain have been developed. The main types are butt, scarf and finger joint.

Finger jointing machine to joint core veneer in the length, with an invisible joint.Staggered fingerjoints are standard and butt jointing is possible. Other shapes on demand. To make master core veneers and or fixed lengths of  core veneer. The finger jointer can be modified in close dialogue with the customer according to the needs of the manufacturers.

THIS KIND OF FINGER JOINT Are normally used for thick plywood and thin plywood both ,but for thin plywood,hard to control if the workers are not skillful and professional ,easy to have overlaps or core gaps .

Butt joints show low mechanical strength ,Generally when the veneer jointed surface is perpendicular to the grain direction, the laminated veneer ehibits low mechanical strength properties ,, Scarf joints in wood are used widely for plywood core construction .

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