Plywood dealers and importers visit plywood factories, these 10 details can not be ignored!

Plywood dealers and importers visit plywood factories, these 10 details can not be ignored!

In many people’s opinion, it should be a very small thing to investigate the strength and credit of plywood manufacturers. We can judge it by looking at the registered capital, qualification certification, environment, number of personnel and area of plywood factories of plywood suppliers.

But as dealers and importers of plywood, to inspect the strength and credit of plywood manufacturers, its value lies in whether we can observe some fine rings. In fact, the following 10 actions are very common. Plywood dealers and importers will encounter when they investigate plywood manufacturers, but many plywood dealers and importers do not refine and summarize them. They analyze the strength and credit status of plywood manufacturers from different perspectives, thinking that these small details will not restrict the development of plywood manufacturers. When the plywood dealers and importers investigate the strength of plywood manufacturers, they should adhere to the principle of “focusing on the big and focusing on the small”, not letting go of every detail they see. To analyze, in the choice of products to achieve a thrilling jump.

Guard Room

Plywood factory is the main place of production, technology and storage. The guard room is the first contact point for plywood dealers and importers to enter the plywood factory; it is the external door of a plywood factory; it is the most important gateway for the import and export of goods. The guard room should have a strict guard system. For example, strangers’ access should be approved by the relevant personnel of the plywood manufacturer, and their personal information should be filled in. They can only go out with the signature of the relevant personnel.

But some plywood factories don’t have a guard system at all. Strangers can enter without the brand, without registration, and the guard doesn’t wear uniform at work. I once saw a factory’s doorman go to work is knock melon seed, melon seed skin spreads all over the ground, imagine plywood dealer and importer see such doorman, can you believe their products?

However, when the plywood dealers and importers visit the plywood factory, the plywood factory will generally make some preparations. Generally, it is impossible to see the above situation, but we can see some clues from the cleaning of the guard room and the mental outlook of the guard.


In Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, toilets have become a kind of culture, with a very beautiful environment. Plywood dealers and importers may not require that the toilets of plywood factories be as beautiful and clean as office buildings, but at least they should be clean. It’s like looking at a person’s taste. It can be judged not by his clothes, but by whether his socks are clean.

General Manager’s Office

The general manager’s office will be decorated with some words and paintings (especially inspiring people, their own motto, etc.), which are spacious and bright. The author pays more attention to the plywood suppliers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some of them even have seen Fengshui in their offices, which shows that they attach great importance to the office environment.

Here is a very real example, which I have seen in person. A small plywood supplier developed rapidly in the early stage, with about 100 people. Because of the increase of personnel, the office and production site are relatively compact, while the general manager’s office is relatively loose, so the human resources and computer maintenance personnel are arranged to work in it. At that time, the author thought that this plywood supplier would not be able to do it for a long time. If not for a long time, this plywood supplier withdrew from the market because of the product quality.

Explain a truth: because the office space of plywood supplier is not enough, the boss can’t insist on the principle to let other personnel enter his office. Maybe that day the boss can’t insist on the principle to use some cheap and shoddy parts to produce products. Do you think such a concept can make products well?

Technology Center

Technology is the core of a plywood supplier, and it is one of the key conditions for the product to accumulate and develop in the market. However, many plywood dealers and importers are not from the technical background, they are laymen, they don’t understand it, so they don’t pay attention to it, but it doesn’t mean they don’t investigate the technical power of plywood manufacturers.

As the saying goes, “the layman watches the bustle, the layman watches the doorway.” As plywood dealers and importers, there are also methods and skills to watch the activity. For example, when you look at the age of the technical backbone, if they are all young people just leaving school, can you believe them? It’s like a Chinese medicine in their 20s to see you, can you believe them? The answer is no, because technology is accumulated over the years, excluding some emerging industries, such as it Class.

The other is to look at the environment of the technical laboratory, to see whether the placement is disordered, and there are parts everywhere. You can see the technical ability and management of a plywood supplier.

Office environment

Many plywood suppliers are made and sold separately. As the “face” of plywood suppliers, the office environment is very spacious, elegant and beautiful. It is paved with red carpet. Each functional department has strict divisions and numerous conference rooms, so plywood dealers and importers feel the powerful power of plywood suppliers. But the office environment of the plywood factory is not necessarily. If the contrast is too large, the plywood dealers and importers should keep an extra “eye in the eye”.

Exhibition hall

The exhibition hall is the “face” of a plywood supplier, reflecting the level of plywood supplier culture, brand, concept, technical force and management. Maybe everyone can understand that the exhibition hall can reflect all aspects of the corporate culture, brand, technical force and concept of a plywood supplier, and the management aspect may not be understood.

The “face” project exhibition hall is so important that there is no special person in charge, and the quality inspection department has not implemented the technical process requirements at all, which indicates that the quality inspection and technical standards cannot be unified, and that the plywood factory management is extremely chaotic.

Plywood factory warehouse

Plywood factory warehouse is the most important place for plywood dealers and importers to inspect. We can inspect whether the warehouse management is strict, whether it is in accordance with the principles of “first in, first out”, classified display, and clear label.

However, the plywood dealers and importers who have just cooperated with plywood manufacturers, led by the plywood manufacturer’s personnel to visit the warehouse, are difficult to confirm in these aspects. However, we can estimate the inventory of plywood manufacturers to examine the strength of plywood manufacturers: many plywood manufacturers’ business personnel will exaggerate the production and sales volume of plywood manufacturers, to prove the strength of plywood manufacturers, expect plywood dealers and importers to purchase more goods, and sign contracts favorable to plywood manufacturers.

When the plywood manufacturer has 9 million goods in stock, the monthly sales volume may be only about 6 million. If the sales volume is far from the sales volume stated by the plywood manufacturer’s business personnel, it will prove that there is greasy (excluding some products with very short shelf life, such as milk, etc.).

Smoking Room

The smoking rooms of plywood factories are usually places where middle and high-level cadres go. If this place is “dirty, messy and poor”, it proves that the good environment of other places in plywood factories is also installed for others to see, not a long-term habit.

Staff canteen

The staff canteen can reflect the treatment of a plywood manufacturer to employees. Some plywood manufacturers ignore the working and living conditions of workers, and the boss only sees the word “profit”. Such plywood manufacturers are difficult to survive for a long time, and generally make low-end and inferior products.

However, some plywood manufacturers’ business personnel think that: when plywood dealers and importers come to inspect plywood factories, they are only one step away from the door, so they must play well and go to big hotels and high-end restaurants for the final public relations, but in the past, it is against their wishes. Because plywood dealers and importers do not cooperate with plywood manufacturers to eat delicacies, but to see the strength and long-term development direction of plywood manufacturers.

Employee welfare

Plywood dealers and importers know about the welfare treatment, salary, payment on time, social security and so on. If the employee’s salary is low and can’t be paid in time, there is a problem with the plywood manufacturer’s cash flow; if there is no social security and welfare benefits, the plywood manufacturer doesn’t treat the employee well, and the boss may be a man who is eager for quick success and instant profits. If he can’t make money, he may withdraw immediately, so that the distribution is still suffering losses.

Plywood dealers and importers should pay more attention to the details when investigating plywood manufacturers, but not to say that the above 10 situations are satisfied with plywood dealers and importers, and the strength of plywood manufacturers is absolutely guaranteed; also not to say that one or two items that fail to meet the requirements of plywood dealers and importers prove that plywood manufacturers have no strength and cannot meet the requirements of plywood manufacturers Do. If there are three items that can not meet the requirements of plywood dealers and importers, then plywood dealers and importers should make more investigation from other aspects to determine whether to cooperate.

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