plywood density inspection and reports

plywood density inspection and reports

The higher the density of plywood, the better the quality. Generally larger than the same species of wood. The higher the unit pressure is, the higher the density of plywood is. Because wood is prone to plastic deformation at high temperature, the compression rate of hot-pressing bonding is higher than that of cold-pressing bonding. Because plywood is made of crisscross veneers, its thermal conductivity is lower than that of the same wood species.

The current answer to the question of plywood density is between 0.5 and 0.8. Different densities of adhesives will be chosen for different purposes, because different densities of adhesives, the corresponding performance will also be different. Generally speaking, the density of plywood is bigger, and the quality of plywood is better. Because the structure of plywood is tighter, and the properties of Plywood under high temperature and pressure are more stable. Generally, plywood can be used in places where the use intensity is higher. The corresponding performance is very good, both hardness and strength are good. It’s very secure.

Of course, the most common answer to the question of plywood density is 0.6, because the plywood density of 0.6 is very good in hardness, density, strength and price, so it has become the choice of most plate buyers. Most furniture will be produced with plywood, which belongs to one of the three artificial panels. Therefore, it is very common in daily life. Besides furniture production, it can also be manufactured with packing boxes. Plywood is generally produced by wood through rotary cutting technology. The cut wood is bonded with corresponding binders. Generally, odd-layer veneers are bonded. The density of plywood depends on the bonding stage of the production process. If more pressure is applied in the bonding stage, the corresponding plate will appear larger. Density, the manufacturer is through the production process of pressure control to further achieve the control of plate density.

plywood density inspection and reports,Plywood density, plywood weight ,Density of Plywood,Plywood, a common material used in construction, is composed of thin sheets of wood veneers that are glued together. Plywood is preferred by construction workers because unlike some plain wood variants, plywood is generally resistant to shrinkage, cracking and warping and is far stronger than plain wood. Since plywood is made up of several sheets of wood veneer that sometimes come from different woods, its density and weight varies. Aside from the wood veneers used, the process of how it was glued together also helps determine its density.

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