Common Names: Finland birch
Botanical Name: Betula pendula

Finland Color Plywood also known as Koskisen Color Plywood is made of Finnish birch (Betula pendula, hardwood) plywood with improved face and core veneers. Both sides of the board are coated with a colored translucent phenolic film that leaves the wood grain visible.


  • improved face and core veneers
  • colored, translucent film leaving the wood grain visible (Black, Dark-Brown, Light Brown, Green, Red, Yellow and Natural or transparent)
  • taint and odor free panel suitable for food products
  • smooth surface easy to keep clean

Finland Color Plywood is an ideal material for the furniture and joinery industries. Its features provide smooth and superior surfaces that are ready for use. The panels are rigid and often used for making jigs and tooling as they are extremely durable.


  • desks, table tops, shelves
  • fittings for kitchens, offices, shops
  • garden furniture
  • signs, billboards
  • jigs and tooling

Finnish birch (Betula pendula, hardwood) Trees grow slowly in Finland’s climate and thus the wood it produces is close-grained and of consistent high quality. Birch is of uniform consistency and it has excellent strength, peeling and gluing properties. Phenol Formaldehyde glue used to laminate the plies is safe and water-resistant, making these Exterior Grade panels.

Thickness Size Cut/Color Core
3/4″ 8′ x 4′   Black Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′ Brown-Dark Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′ Brown-Light Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′ Green Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′   Natural Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′ Red Koskiform 18mm Veneer
3/4″ 8′ x 4′ Yellow Koskiform 18mm Veneer
Euro Ply Phenolic Plywood

Available Colors

Phenolic Plywood Yellow

Phenolic Plywood Red

Phenolic Plywood Green

Phenolic Plywood Light Brown

Phenolic Plywood Dark Brown

Phenolic Plywood Natural

Phenolic Plywood

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