Plywood for engineered flooring inspection

Plywood for engineered flooring also called underlayment plywood ,  We call this plywood as underlayment plywood or birch and eucalyptus hardwood  plywood for engineered flooring. Manufacturers of engineered flooring laminate top layer of precious species of wood on the top of birch plywood.

When inspect the underlayment plywood , There are three special requirements for this plywood:

  1. High water resistance
  2. Strength and geometry stability
  3. Precise thickness needed for the process of lamination
Factories supply this plywood in correspondence with above mentioned requirements.This kind of plywood for engineered flooring is thickness calibrated with thickness tolerance +/-0,3 mm.

Dense and sturdy birch and eucalyptus  plywood are a stable base needed for the production of multilayer parquet. Plywood sheets for parquet have no open defects on the surface. This plywood guarantees strict tolerances of thickness after calibration and grinding.

  • Guaranteed moisture content is 7-9%.
  • High bond strength, confirmed by tests.
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