Plywood Glue adhesive : Phenol–formaldehyde adhesives

Plywood Glue adhesive : Phenol–formaldehyde adhesives

Phenol–formaldehyde adhesives
Phenol–formaldehyde (PF) adhesives are widely used in the veneer industry.
They have outstanding bond durability due to good waterproof properties and
therefore are favoured for the manufacture of structural products, especially
where weather exposure is possible.
Advantages of PF adhesives include:
◆ high bond durability;
◆ low cost;
◆ good tacking properties which provides some advantages during the
manufacturing process.
Disadvantages of PF adhesives include:
◆ the emission of formaldehyde over time although modern systems use lowemission formulations;
◆ the use of a high curing temperature (~ 145°C) and/or a longer press time
compared to UF adhesives;

◆ they are dark in colour and therefore produce dark-coloured glue lines;
◆ a requirement for low veneer moisture content within a narrow range;
◆ the pH is high (usually >10) making these adhesives corrosive to equipment
and they can present a workplace safety hazard;
◆ the high pH can mobilise extractives in certain species during pressing causing
bonding difficulties.

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