Plywood Glue adhesive : Things you may not know about MR Glue

Plywood Glue adhesive : things you may not know about MR Glue

MR Glue , Type of glue that is resistant to moisture but cannot handle boiling water for several hours without delaminating,some MR even could not used for cold water for several days ,or can not handle the Moist environment.
 MR stands for Moisture Resistant. Plywood assembled with MR glue is resistant to moisture and is generally used for home interior applications.
Traditional MR glue was used for most of the domestic and export grade plywood ,with very high formaldehyde emission ,Make eyes tear, can’t open eyes and so on.But recent years ,because of the technology and environmental protection ,very few factories use MR glue .
MR glue normally used for regular commercial plywood ,film faced plywood and some certain area without special requirements .
MR has three formaldehyde emission types ,E2,E1,E0 and other classifications .We will talk them soonest .

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