Plywood Glue adhesive : Urea–formaldehyde adhesives

Plywood Glue adhesive : Urea–formaldehyde adhesives

Urea–formaldehyde adhesives
Urea–formaldehyde (UF) resins are commonly used adhesives in the veneer
industry for non-structural, interior applications. UF adhesives have several
◆ they are relatively inexpensive;
◆ they can be cured at ambient temperature or heated to an elevated
temperature to accelerate the curing process;
◆ they are light in colour and produce light-coloured glue lines that do not
discolour high-quality face veneers.

Disadvantages of UF adhesives are:
◆ their use is restricted to indoor applications only—the bonds lack long-term
temperature and moisture resistance meaning products manufactured with
this adhesive type should not be used in applications where exposure to the
weather or increased temperature are expected;
◆ they can emit formaldehyde over time although modern systems use lowemission formulations

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