Plywood Glue Types

Plywood Glue Types

Glue is the main raw materials used for plywood ,if no glue can not name plywood .

Glue has many types ,

1.MR ,the basic traditional glue ,NOn-water resistant .

2.E2 ,


4.E0 (Different countries and associations have different formaldehyde emission standard lelves ,such as ,CARB P1,CABR Phase 2, EPA , ,

5.Melamine ,

6.WBP Phenolic ,

7.NAUF ,


9.Soy-BaSed Wood adheSive,

Some associations and industries have the different categories :,

1.exterior glue ,

2.interior glue ,

3.special application glue ,

Also in the industry ,have the following requirements :

1.Non-water resistant glue

2.Boiling water Glue

3.Non-moisture Glue

4.Cold water proof Glue



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