Plywood industry can no longer take the low-end route

Plywood industry can no longer take the low-end route

The main application directions of wood structure construction are: heavy wood structure, large public buildings such as stadiums, Convention centers, etc; well-dry wood structure, mainly used for outdoor landscape, scenic resort construction, etc. At present, China is developing rapidly; light wood structure, used for housing, schools, clubs, etc., has the largest market, more than 90% in North America. Residential buildings are wooden structures, so engineering wood and high-grade plywood should be vigorously developed.

China’s plywood industry, can no longer take the low-end route, must change the product structure, improve quality and added value. To this end, I suggest that cooperation with Africa and South America should be strengthened to expand timber trade; relevant policies should be formulated to encourage the development of relevant industries; and the state should allocate special funds to support countries that import tropical timber in order to help them to afforest and stabilize foreign tropical timber resources.

In addition, I think that there are two main problems existing in plywood enterprises in China at present. One is that most of the products are of low quality and grade, which wastes wood resources. The other is that there are too many plywood manufacturers, too small production scale and backward production technology and equipment.

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