Plywood Moisture control inspection

 Plywood Moisture control inspection 

Probably the most important factor in making a panel that will stay flat over a wide range of climate types is the core veneer moisture content. There are still many mills in China that use just air dried veneer in their plywood. There are also many mills in China that have a machine dryer but do not use it to its capabilities. While most mills know the correct moisture content for plywood (8-12%) – many do not have a moisture meter in their factory to check either the veneer dryness or the finished plywood moisture content.

MC testing is very important ,and it is one of the most important checklist  ,without MC checking ,never end the inspection .MC decide the finished plywood quality and uses and life such as warping and cupping ,bowing .

When plywood retains moisture, the plies, previously fastened into varying patterns, may separate and ruin the product. Mold may grow and cause damaged goods and health concerns.   Controlling the moisture during the manufacturing process is key to:

    • Producing a quality product
    • Increased productivity
    • Decreased production costs

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