pLYWOOD Panel packaging

Normally in China most of the wood panels factories ,manual panel packaging lines that use both plastic or steel strapping to seal all edges and corners of the package, making the contents resistant to cold, heat and moisture.

Uses PE-film, a recyclable plastic that can be disposed of in landfills or incinerated. Packages are airtight and do not require additional banding or corner bracing.

Packaging process

Strapping line

Automatic strapping  lines incorporating an automatic strapping unit, complete with bottom or side skid feeder, a stack compressing unit and necessary conveyors. Manual strapping lines with a manual strapping device and necessary conveyors.

Fully-automatic PE stretch film packaging line

Incorporating bottom skid feeding under the stack, a  unit complete with ‘wrapping ring’, a rotating rear table and a robot for placing labels and package information.

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