Plywood platform Core Sander

Plywood platform Core Sander

Bad quality from lathe produces uneven thickness of core veneer due to the outorn plywood.Core sander can increase the re-usable ratio of veneer.
Raising recovery from small diameter log and bad quality log.

Cost too much time in repair work of thin plywood such as overlap.
Save the usage of glue efficiently.

Special Construction
New design in sanding roller. Traditional sanding roller is perpendicular to the plywood feeding direction. It’s difficult to remove overlap and uneven thickness core problem. And often damage the core which is in bad adhesively. So we design ANGULAR SANDING ROLLER , it has 8 degree with plywood feeding direction .It will easy to sanding out overlap problem .And can save about 20% power .
Vacuum table and feeding conveyor , we make a vacuum table under sanding roller and we pierce hole in feeding conveyor .When plywood goes into sanding roller will hold by air-suction ,so plywood will flat and steady .It is especially for the thin plywood .
Special steel sanding roller with 75 HP motor , big steel sanding roller(diameter 310mm) and big power provide the best calibration function for plywood thickness control , especially for thick plywood .And good heat emission for 24 hour non-stop running .
Safety Construction :
1.The First feeding roller with one way bearing to prevent panel rebound when feeding .
2.Safety protection design when machine in abnormal operation will auto-stop . Such as plywood too thick , sanding Amps over , sanding paper in abnormal condition….
The patented fork type pressure shoe and grooved pinch roller fully eliminate the bothersome problems of panel inserting , jamming warping during panel feeding .
Kinife scar on core.
All can be removed!
Overlap on core.Overlap width within
1/4″ all can be flat after sandind!
Rough face on core.
Can be flat after sanding.
Uneven thickness core veneer, From
+0.5mm ~ -0.1mm can be flat after sanding!
Specifications WBSC-1S WBSC-2SR
Max. workable size (W x T) 1320mm 1320 mm
Min. workable size(L) 780 mm 780 mm
Variable feeding speed 15~60 M/Min. 15~60 M/Min.
Motor for no.1 sanding head 75HP Steel roller 75HP Steel roller
Motor for no.2 sanding head 50HP Rubber roller
Reducer for feeding conveyor 7.5HP 7.5 HP
Reducer for elevation (up & down) 1HP 1HP
Motor for brushing roll 1HP 1HP
Sanding belt size 53(W) x 103(L) 53(W) x 103(L)
Custom machine specifications are available.

All specifications,dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalog subject to change without prior notice

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